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Dark Fiber

Your turnkey dark fiber solution for high-capacity bandwidth

Gain access to virtually unlimited bandwidth while retaining control over every aspect of your network.

Our dark fiber network offers the densest connections in downtown Los Angeles and vast network reach throughout Southern California to deliver market-leading ultra-broadband performance and cost efficiencies for our customers. Offering diverse paths and unique routes, we accelerate your deployment so you reach your goals and your customers faster.

With over 15 years of experience, we design, construct and operate turnkey fiber optic networks.

With over 3,000 route miles of fiber connecting close to 1,000 enterprise locations, data centers, cell towers and Internet hubs, our network coverage extends from Bakersfield to San Diego, with dense metro footprints in Los Angeles, Burbank, Pasadena, Santa Monica, Woodland Hills, Thousand Oaks, Santa Clarita, Long Beach, Irvine, Riverside, Carlsbad and San Diego.

To learn more, download our Dark Fiber Brochure.

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Private fiber for your most bandwidth-intensive applications

Wilcon’s private fiber solutions enable you to leverage leading infrastructure and expertise, while keeping you in control of your network.

Grow your capacity, optimize applications and ensure faster data transmission, while saving on costs. Our dedicated custom solutions deliver optimal security, scalability, latency management and service configuration.

Choose from the wide range of service offerings delivered over our owned infrastructure.

To learn more, download our Private Fiber Network brochure.

Private Fiber Network


Data Center

Securing your mission-critical data? Location matters.

Reliable, secure, cost-effective and customer-focused. Our Los Angeles colocation services and data center house the heart of the digital economy and offer world-class facilities for companies requiring high-performance, highly interconnected network environments.

Choose from solutions featuring connectivity to all major Los Angeles network hubs for lower latency, fewer hops and minimal points of failure. With core facilities located at the One Wilshire Building, we offer highly flexible options for LA colo, space and superior connectivity to 300+ Internet and telecom companies.

Our state-of-the-art facilities provide reliable, redundant power and cooling systems, physical security and fire suppression and are supported by our 24×7 Network Operations Center (NOC).

Wilcon conducts an annual independent Type II SSAE No. 16 Audit  of all of its data centers.  A complete copy of this report can be made available to customers upon request.

To learn more, download our LA colo and Data Center Brochure.



One Wilshire, Los Angeles

Our Los Angeles data centers house the heart of the digital economy and offer world-class facilities for companies requiring high-performance, highly interconnected network environments. We offer connectivity to all carriers and major Los Angeles network hubs for lower latency, fewer hops and minimal points of failure.

Colocation solutions are available in multiple connected facilities on the 3rd, 12th, 16th and 28th floors of One Wilshire, with extensive riser infrastructure throughout the building. You will have access to One Wilshire rack space and colo services.

> Download the One Wilshire datasheet

Los Angeles Facilities


609 West 7th Street, Los Angeles

This facility is home to one of our world-class data centers that are central to the Los Angeles digital economy. All three of our LA colo facilities are ideal for clients that require top tier performance and optimal interconnection networks. Low-latency, minimal hops and fewer points of failure are top priority at all Wilshire facilities. This is why we offer connectivity to a plethora of carriers including all major Los Angeles network hubs.

609 West 7th Street offers leading space, power and security. This building is strategically located between the One Wilshire Building and the Carrier Center at 600 West 7th Street.

> Download the 609 West 7th Street datasheet



530 West 6th Street, Los Angeles

All Wilcon LA colo facilities are equipped to offer low-latency; minimal hops and reduced points of failure. Clients that choose to house their hardware in one of our state-of-the-art facilities have access to highly interconnected network environments, numerous carriers and all major network hubs in the Los Angeles area.

The data center is located on the 4th floor of the Telecom Center LA Building, directly adjacent to the One Wilshire Building on the corner of 6th Street and Grand Avenue in the heart of the “Telecom District” in downtown Los Angeles.

> Download the 530 West 6th Street datasheet



Plug and play to 300+ interconnection partners.

Seeking new customers or improved performance, resiliency and cost control?
Wilcon makes it easy for you to connect quickly and efficiently to the right interconnection partners.

Our interconnection grid brings together hundreds of companies seeking to interconnect to lower their latency, reduce expenses and accelerate time-to-market.

Our best-in-class connectivity solutions feature unique and extensive network infrastructure delivering connectivity to all major data centers and Meet-Me-Rooms. Cross-connect at multiple locations and exchange points with unparalleled flexibility, including same day service to many downtown LA-based carriers.

We deliver high-speed multi-homed bandwidth. DS1, DS3, fast Ethernet and fiber cross-connects are available at unmatched pricing and provisioning speeds.




Ubiquity, simplicity and the power to scale.

Whether your challenge is to support users and offices from different locations or enable fast, reliable Internet access, our solutions help drive your business data while simplifying network management.

Rely on our diverse range of Ethernet solutions for the highest levels of performance and utmost scalability to support your applications and to easily manage your changing bandwidth requirements. From point-to-point, point-to-multi and multi-to-multi configurations to Metro LAN connections, we deliver reliable, fast and secure connectivity supported at 10/100/1Gb/10Gb speeds.

Wilcon enables you to extend your LAN or choose an Ethernet private line solution to seamlessly grow your network capabilities. Services are supported across our extensive Southern California fiber network, with a diverse, resilient core and options for protected access and business continuity.

Our highly experienced 24x7x365 NOC technicians monitor the network for the highest reliability and proactive response.

To learn more, download our Ethernet brochure.



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Highest performance wavelength capacity.

When your business demands the utmost in reliable, cost-effective performance, Wilcon’s optical wavelength solution provides private, fully managed Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) capabilities.

Our managed wavelength solution is the perfect alternative to dark fiber for supporting long distances within a highly cost-effective model.  Optimize mission-critical application performance with a secure, dedicated, point-to-point wavelength spectrum.

Gain ubiquitous coverage and diverse reach. Eliminate congestion and backup caused by constraints on available capacity. Leverage low-latency options for your most sensitive applications. Grow your capacity incrementally to scale your network at the pace of your business.

To learn more, download our Wavelength brochure.




IP Transit

Seamless IP transit

Wilcon provides IP transit services across our best-in-class fiber optic network throughout Southern California.

With powerful connections to close to 1,000 major Internet hubs and data centers, key enterprise locations and wireless communications facilities, we provide expansive reach throughout the region to deliver your IP solution.

We offer multiple interfaces, high-performance SLAs and flexible billing options, including commit or commit plus burstable usage packages. IP interfaces supported include FastE: 10-100M, GigE: 100M-1G, 10GigE: 1-10G, and STM-N & OC-N: 155M-10G.


The Southern California experts.

Wilcon provides on-site technical support and equipment installation services to help customers optimize the performance of their services. Our experts have comprehensive knowledge and experience providing the highest quality support for your Southern California network and infrastructure needs.

From power cycling equipment to troubleshooting and fault isolation on all Wilcon cross-connected circuits to securing cabling, setting switches and rebooting servers, our team is dedicated to the optimum performance of your service.

Technical Services