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3,000 miles of unlimited fiber.
Serving every major market in SoCal.

Connecting from Bakersfield to San Diego, our network offers unique paths throughout Southern California to provide service providers with more diverse routes to support their mission-critical data traffic.





Service Provider

Cost-efficiency. Increased ROI. Connectivity to 300+ partners.

Whether you are a regional, national or global service provider, we have the fiber assets, interconnection infrastructure and extensive Southern California market knowledge to deliver your network solution seamlessly and efficiently.

To expand your reach, we work with you to provide the most agile, cost-effective and responsive solutions available today.  The results? Higher return on your investment, reduced capex and cost of deployment, last mile customer access and market-leading ultra-broadband connectivity between key network aggregation points.

Leverage our unequaled bandwidth capabilities to achieve highly cost-efficient solutions for your business.  Our network offers unparalleled access to the One Wilshire Building and over 40 other leading interconnection points in Southern California.

We operate from the heart of the West Coast’s top global communications hub. With robust network capabilities in downtown Los Angeles’ Internet and telecommunications corridor and the vast reach and abundant capacity of our Southern California network, we deliver ubiquitous coverage of major demand nodes, data centers and wireless switching centers.

Reach out to our trusted experts for the seamless growth of your network and the highest level of customer support and fast delivery intervals.



Content delivered faster
and more profitably

If you are looking for a faster, better way to deliver your digital content, Wilcon offers the data center infrastructure and fiber network solutions providing the right combination of speed, performance and cost-efficiency to drive profitability.

We provide large bandwidth capabilities across our vast Southern California network in combination with our interconnection and data center offerings to significantly enhance the performance of your content delivery network. Leverage our capabilities to support everything from software downloads to website content delivery, e-commerce portals and social networks.




Elevating your cloud performance

To deliver a truly differentiated cloud service to your customers, you seek optimum network performance. We provide an unmatched combination of fiber network, interconnection and data center capabilities serving the West Coast to deliver powerful support for cloud service providers.

Leveraging our unparalleled fiber assets across Southern California, gain access to the highest bandwidth flexibility, reliability, latency performance and security. Boost your cloud service profitability by controlling costs and increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty and revenues.

Interconnection to 300+ leading network providers through our presence at the One Wilshire Building enables you to reach critical partners to enhance your cloud offering. Whether you are focused on private, dedicated or managed services, Wilcon’s solutions provide the footprint, network density, high performance and proximity to the customers and technology partners you need.

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Performance and reliability
 to meet massive data demands

Today’s enterprise must be equipped to meet big data challenges with high-performance support and future-proof scale. Dedicated fiber network and interconnection capabilities deliver exceptional IT infrastructure in this environment. Balance operating costs and capital investments, while completely controlling your network. Gain the highest performing routes and network diversity to maximize network resiliency.

As one of the largest fiber optic networks in Southern California, our footprint provides powerful capabilities for enterprises by giving them access to close to 1,000 major enterprise locations, Internet hubs and data centers and wireless communications facilities within Southern California.

Leverage our leading Southern California infrastructure to support all of your needs with cost-effective solutions, highly secure data networking, optimum latency performance and reliable disaster recovery for your mission-critical traffic.


Wireless Providers

The demands on mobile networks are increasing at an exponential rate.

Driven by the impact of smartphones and other devices, current backhaul capacity is under strain, making supplemental high-bandwidth services a critical priority for mobile operators. How do you supercharge your backhaul network? Leverage highly cost-effective fiber capabilities for high-performance networks.

Wilcon provides extensive fiber connectivity to cell towers to address the explosion of data traffic on mobile networks.

Our leading fiber optic network and data center infrastructure spans 3,000 fiber route miles and connection to 1,000 major wireless communications facilities, Internet hubs and data centers and enterprise locations making us one of the largest private fiber optic networks in Southern California.

Our network delivers unmatched efficiencies in fiber backhaul, improving operational performance and lowering costs for mobile providers.



Media & Entertainment

High performance. Security. Reliability.

Wilcon offers best-in-class high capacity services for SoCal’s leading media and entertainment companies.

From studios to post-production facilities to live broadcasting, we deliver powerful and far-reaching network assets to support the dynamic global media and entertainment business from its core.

Based on your specific requirements, we custom design dark fiber and private network solutions to deliver media traffic. Fiber connectivity offers the most powerful way to provide these connections, featuring virtually unlimited bandwidth, the utmost in scalability and cost-effective reach with the highest levels of data security.

Reach out to our experts to discover leading edge fiber network capabilities to support your connectivity needs.

Hear how Wilcon benefits the entertainment industry watching our Los Angeles Center Studio case study.



Government, Healthcare & Education


We offer extensive network assets and deep local market knowledge and expertise to support the critical government, education and healthcare sectors in Southern California.



Security. Reliability. Efficiency.

Federal, state and local government organizations are leveraging best-in-class networks to support a wide range of functions. From connecting key facilities to protecting critical mission data, optimizing defense operations, improving transportation systems, accelerating emergency response capabilities and empowering research and education networks.

Wilcon works with government organizations to deliver high-performance networks with unmatched efficiencies and reliability. From dark fiber to private networks, data center, interconnection, Ethernet and Wavelength services we deploy the right technology to optimize your infrastructure and services.

Our experts have extensive experience working with government organizations across Southern California. The Wilcon network infrastructure throughout this region helps to support the needs of municipalities, state government and agencies to communicate effectively via our highly secure and reliable networks.



Taking care of your network

Faster and more reliable data transfer means better outcomes for patients. Harness the unlimited bandwidth capacity and unparalleled security of our fiber networks to create a high-performance healthcare environment.

Leverage our agile fiber-based infrastructure to help manage everything from telemedicine and medical imaging transfer to convergence, integration, compliance, storage and mobility functions across your organization.


Smarter infrastructure

Whether you are connecting school districts or supporting bandwidth-intensive applications at research centers, a highly scalable network infrastructure will enable you to achieve your goals.

Choose from our comprehensive portfolio of fiber solutions to deliver everything from distance learning to educational video conferencing, school campus security systems and cloud computing capabilities.