Bank on Ultra-Bandwidth and Ultra-Security with Wilcon - Wilcon

Bank on Ultra-Bandwidth and Ultra-Security with Wilcon

What is arguably the most important aspect of operating a successful financial institution? You can bet security tops the list.

Wilcon is proud to serve one of our country’s largest banks. Keeping in mind that security is key, we’ve constructed a private network for them, connecting many of their locations and key data center environments throughout Southern California. What we’re able to do for them is provide ultra-bandwidth and ultra-security, a real differentiator that sets us apart in the marketplace.

Customers benefit from our fast deployment cycles, the reliability of our network services, and the security that they’re receiving from our private network environment.

With Wilcon, banks and other financial institutions can leverage best-in-class networks to support a wide range of functions. From connecting key facilities to protecting highly secure data, we deliver high-performance networks with unmatched efficiencies and reliability.  We deploy the right technology to optimize your infrastructure and services by utilizing dark fiber, private networks, data center, interconnection, Ethernet and Wavelength services.

How about big data challenges? Today’s enterprise must be equipped to meet big data challenges with high-performance support and future-proof scale.

With Wilcon you can:

  • Leverage dedicated fiber network and interconnection capabilities to deliver exceptional IT infrastructure.
  • Balance operating costs and capital investments, while completely controlling your network.
  • Gain the highest performing routes and network diversity to maximize network resiliency.

Leverage our leading Southern California infrastructure to support all of your needs with cost-effective solutions, highly secure data networking, optimum latency performance and reliable disaster recovery for your mission-critical traffic.

Our experts have extensive experience working with financial institutions across Southern California. The Wilcon network infrastructure throughout this region helps to support the needs of your bank’s vast locations to communicate effectively via our highly secure and reliable networks.

We are dedicated to delivering personalized support and the highest security to these valued financial institution customers.