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Colocation Isn’t Cookie-Cutter: Check Security Standards


Maybe you’ve considered so many colocation facilities that they’re all starting to blend together. Or maybe you’re just starting down the colo path and don’t yet have all the details about how it compares with an on-premise/dedicated solution.

We’re here to tell you that colocation isn’t cookie-cutter — far from it, in fact. One of the key differentiators, which also happens to be top of mind for everyone in this industry right now, is security.

Whether you’re exploring colo options because you’re unhappy with your current provider or you’re switching up your data storage/application model, security should be at the top of your list of concerns. With breaches and outages taking over headlines in recent months — highlighting the financial and reputation-related damage for affected service providers and enterprises alike — you’re likely very aware of the stakes. And, of course, we’ve seen that these situations do not always arise from malicious plans; a substantial amount of them are accidental.

Basically, securing your company’s critical data has never been more important or more difficult. Here at Wilcon, we’re proud of our security policies, which include:

  • Facilities secured through a multi-layered system of controls to ensure the data centers and your equipment are fully protected at all times
  • Sites staffed with 24×7 on-site security personnel under the watch of the respective building landlords
  • Access controlled at the lobby security desk, with building access cards required for elevator access per floor
  • Wilcon colocation suites separately secured with Wilcon-issued access cards and card reader system that can store and report usage
  • Cabinets and cages that are individually locked
  • 24×7 video surveillance cameras that are backed up locally and remotely
  • Pre-action fire suppression systems that store water outside the suite and require dual zone activation to minimize accidental and unnecessary water flow
  • An annual independent Type II SSAE No. 16 and HIPAA Audit of all Wilcon data centers (ask us for a copy of the report!)

Wilcon operates multiple data centers in three downtown Los Angeles buildings, one of which is One Wilshire, widely considered the most connected telecom facility in the world. One Wilshire is an industry standard for colocation, so it’s no surprise that the building’s security is state-of-the-art.

At Wilcon, we’re ready and willing to discuss our security features, metrics and more in detail. Contact us at to chat, and stay tuned for the rest of our “Colocation Isn’t Cookie-Cutter” series!