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Colocation Isn’t Cookie-Cutter: Cool Down this Summer!

Maybe we don’t exactly experience the “dog days of summer” in L.A., but the team here at Wilcon definitely understands how much heat data centers can produce.Wilcon_IceCubes

We also know how important it is to keep your equipment running at its highest efficiency, and a big part of that is maintaining proper temperatures and humidity levels. Excessive heat and condensation not only damage data center equipment, but cooling also makes up a huge part of a data center’s costs — which are ultimately passed along to colo customers. Efficiency and precision in this area are key.

This is an industry hot topic, of course; companies are experimenting with liquid cooling, strategically locating data centers in chilly temperatures and floating facilities. Plus, they’re digging further into the science and engineering behind cooling. Groups in Singapore are conducting a feasibility study into a high-rise energy efficient data center that would leverage new physics-based approaches to green cooling. Rest assured, however, that you don’t need to find a colo facility that’s submerged in water or located near the North Pole to keep your equipment cool.

Wilcon operates multiple data centers in three downtown Los Angeles buildings, and we prioritize power and cooling efficiency, unparalleled connectivity and industry-leading security across them all. One of the buildings where we offer colo options is One Wilshire, one of the most densely connected facilities in the world. When the One Wilshire team added up to 28 megawatts of capacity last year, they made sure to make room for extra cooling, as well, transforming a former passenger elevator space into a home for cabling and a condensed water loop.

Here’s a quick look at our cooling standards and practices across the board:

  • Each of our facilities is designed and equipped with the necessary cooling tonnage to maintain optimal temperatures based on the power loads allocated.
  • We leverage leading manufacturer equipment including both Liebert Corporation and Stulz Air Technology Systems.
  • We use a hot/cold aisle containment system to maximize efficiency of its HVAC systems and provide the best possible operating environment for your network by preventing the backflow of hot air into cold aisles.
  • All air conditioning equipment is monitored with automatic e-mail alerts for performance issues on a 24×7 basis and temperature sensors are deployed throughout the data centers to ensure that correct cooling levels are maintained at all times.
  • Preventative maintenance on all HVAC systems is performed on a monthly basis by professional third party contractors.

At Wilcon, we’re ready and willing to discuss the cooling features, metrics and more within our colo facilities. Contact us at if you’d like to learn more.