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How Higher Education Benefits from Dark Fiber

Businesses and establishments of all shapes and sizes require communications options that will keep them on the cutting edge of information technology. Colleges and universities in particular require connectivity solutions for student/professor engagement, e-learning and research and development. So, what’s the key for building out a secure and reliable network? Dark fiber. Surprised? Let us explain…

It may be no revelation that schools require high capacity bandwidth with the amount of connected devices that cross onto their premises and the amount of technology that is used within the classroom university-2119707_1280itself. According to Online Colleges, 77% of colleges reported that the ever-increasing number of devices on campus has had a significant impact on their networks’ ability to run efficiently. As the number of devices continues to affect a campus’ network, it’s to be expected that connectivity issues would be on the rise. In order to address these frustrations, you must insert a new network solution.

A private dark fiber network can provide the seamless connectivity that has become required in order to power the technology-based services, applications and devices that are becoming the standard in and outside of the classroom. Additionally, dark fiber provides scalability, reliability and flexibility. Institutions have the option to scale their network as they see fit and connect up campus and offices.

A dark fiber network is beneficial for any institution requiring low-latency, high bandwidth and storage for a large amount of data. Dark fiber will continue to be the answer as institutions across many verticals seek to keep pace with the rapidly changing world of technology.