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Move Your Media & Entertainment Company Forward with Fiber

With our roots in Los Angeles, we’re proud to be a top provider of best-in-class, high capacity telecom infrastructure for leading media & entertainment companies based here in the world’s entertainment capital.

One of those companies is Los Angeles Center Studios, which provides full Wilcon_SS_LosAngelesCenterStudiosCaseStudyservice for film, TV and commercial production operations – everything from furniture to Internet connectivity. Linking up with Wilcon allowed the studio to add new capabilities to its already comprehensive list of offerings.

“Even though we’ve been providing a certain level of services up to this point, when seeing the amount of things that Wilcon can now bring to the dance, we realized there’s a lot that we have not been able to offer but now we can with their assistance,” Pete Brosnan, Managing Partner at Los Angeles Center Studios, explains in this video. “And that private network and that security that Wilcon will provide is also huge for us.”

From studios to post-production facilities to live broadcasting, we deliver powerful and far-reaching network assets to support the dynamic global media and entertainment business from its core. We custom design dark fiber and private network solutions to deliver media traffic. Fiber connectivity offers the most powerful way to provide these connections, featuring virtually unlimited bandwidth, the utmost in scalability and cost-effective reach with the highest levels of data security. And since LA is still the main hub for media & entertainment corporations and post-production, digital delivery is crucial in the area, as Brosnan points out.

“When we heard that Wilcon was already connected to other major media facilities and post-production houses, it just seemed like it was a slam dunk for us – that that was a natural fit,” Brosnan said. “Everyone we’ve met from Wilcon has been extremely pleasant and knowledgeable – they really know their business. They’ve listened to our concerns; they’ve seen our facility here and how we work, and I feel really good that they’re going to be able to answer our needs and really help us move into the future.”

We can help your media & entertainment operation move into the future with secure, reliable, high-performing fiber connectivity. Start the conversation today.