Talk Data Centers, Fiber Networks & More with Wilcon at ITW

The one, the only, the biggest industry event of the year bringing together nearly 2,000 companies — that’s right, we’re talking ITW. Spring simply isn’t complete without this iconic conference. During such a pivotal and exciting time for Wilcon, we wouldn’t think of missing this show. Wilcon executives are busy preparing for four days of... [more]

How Higher Education Benefits from Dark Fiber

Businesses and establishments of all shapes and sizes require communications options that will keep them on the cutting edge of information technology. Colleges and universities in particular require connectivity solutions for student/professor engagement, e-learning and research and development. So, what’s the key for building out a secure and reliable network? Dark fiber. Surprised? Let us... [more]

Spring into Channel Partners 2017 with Wilcon!

Ah, April – no better time to spring into action and attend one of the biggest shows of the year for channel-centric participants. That’s why we’re thrilled to be attending Channel Partners Conference & Expo 2017, April 10-13 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas! This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the event that is... [more]

Food, Fun and (Dark) Fiber

A Recap of Wilcon and LightRiver Technologies' Lunch and Learn event on March 23, 2017
What better way to spend our day yesterday than enjoying a fine lunch surrounded by industry peers and colleagues from over 30 different companies, and educating them on how they can benefit from their own private dark fiber networks?  That was our day yesterday, at Wilcon and LightRiver Technologies’ collaborative Lunch and Learn event, held... [more]

Embracing Digital Transformation

Businesses of all sizes are looking for ways to adapt to changing market conditions and manage growth. Companies are seeking new strategies to secure additional customers and take care of existing ones. Embracing digital transformation is a way to make things happen more efficiently, cost-effectively and securely. Companies can connect remote offices, and leverage cloud,... [more]

The New Privacy Standard: How To Ensure Data Impenetrability

Universities are among the organizations in most dire need of additional security, as students have come to hold exacting standards for network speed, reliability and safety.
The Internet was initially developed to be used in an academic, knowledge-sharing setting, but quickly grew and evolved to become the behemoth it is today – an indispensable tool for businesses, governments and the general public. As more and more of our private data and intellectual property found its home on the Internet, so grew... [more]

Lunch & Learn With Us!

Hard to imagine that a fiber strand about the width of a human hair can transport vast amounts of data. Fiber optic networks allow you to transmit information through pulses of light. And when these fiber optic cables are unused, they are unlit or ‘dark’. Dark Fiber is increasingly being used by enterprises and organizations... [more]

How Big Data is Changing the Face of Networking

The Internet was invented to establish bridges between computers across which information could be exchanged. Since those first few messages sent in the early 1970s, those bridges have proliferated and expanded to become the information superhighway of today, connecting users the world over and providing a channels for a constant transfer of unthinkably huge volumes... [more]

We’re Providing Higher Speeds for Higher Education!

We are excited to announce the deployment of our scalable fiber optic network to Soka University’s campus in Aliso Veijo, California! The new, high-capacity fiber infrastructure provides Soka University with faster Internet access and offers students and faculty alike true network diversity for added reliability. Every year, the amount of mobile devices that students bring... [more]