We’re Providing Higher Speeds for Higher Education!

We are excited to announce the deployment of our scalable fiber optic network to Soka University’s campus in Aliso Veijo, California! The new, high-capacity fiber infrastructure provides Soka University with faster Internet access and offers students and faculty alike true network diversity for added reliability. Every year, the amount of mobile devices that students bring... [more]

Big Data Makes for Big Growth

Word to the wise: the small percentage of businesses who have figured out how to make use of big data are experiencing some serious benefits and growth.
It may seem like we’ve reached the pinnacle of data growth, but the truth is that we’re only at the doorstep of the age of big data. Though we have fallen prey to the thought that everything that has been invented has already been invented, the reality is that technological innovation is flourishing, and tech... [more]

Is Your Network Prepared for Bigger Data?

To continue our series on Big Data...
To continue our series on Big Data… Big data has been an enormous gift for companies seeking market insights, and will become increasingly valuable as big data gets even bigger. More data has been created in the last two years than in all of human history, and the amount that we generate is currently doubling... [more]

We’ve Expanded in LA!

Wilcon Expands Los Angeles Fiber Network for Wireless Communications
We are excited to announce today that we are expanding Wilcon’s fiber-optic network throughout Los Angeles to provide enhanced wireless communications infrastructure for cutting-edge small cell site technology. Our team is presently at PTC’17 to further share our news. The fiber network deployment serves hundreds of small cell sites across Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA), including... [more]

PTC’17 is Here!

PTC Advisory Council Blog by Eric Bender, Senior Vice President, Wilcon
Aloha! It’s that time of year again and PTC’17 is upon us. The who’s who of telecom is getting ready for one of the premier events for our industry. Held in Honolulu, Hawaii Jan 15 -18, PTC brings together over 2,000 thought-leaders and executives, from enterprises, telecom, technology and services providers across the world. The... [more]

A Brief History of Big Data

Today, big data is growing faster than ever, and big data computing has become a standard in the tech world - which means that other industries will soon catch on.
Seventy-two years ago, Fremont Rider, a librarian at Wesleyan University in Connecticut, was stunned by what he considered to be the explosive growth of information being archived in university libraries around the country. By his estimate, the libraries were doubling in size every sixteen years. In 1961, Derek Price did a similar study on the... [more]

Making Big Data Work For You

The rise of big data has been heralded by many IT professionals as the beginning of a new era in business. Just a few short years ago, companies in highly diverse industries recognized the value of allowing their employees and clients to access their platforms from their own multiple devices, which have since exploded in... [more]

Powering the Internet of Things

At the turn of the century, a mere 25% of our collective stored information was digital. Today, digital files account for a whopping 98% of all stored information. Aureus Analytics, based out of Singapore and India, predicted last year that data would continue to grow by 40% per year, growing at least fifty times in... [more]

The 3 Biggest Burdens on Bandwidth

Businesses across many industries are citing higher bandwidth as one of their most pressing IT priorities. For many companies, a significant portion of daily operations – including financial transactions, communications, information distribution, collaborative work and data sharing – exists exclusively in the online realm. These businesses have undoubtedly experienced exciting opportunities for growth and expansion... [more]