A Brief History of Big Data

Today, big data is growing faster than ever, and big data computing has become a standard in the tech world - which means that other industries will soon catch on.
Seventy-two years ago, Fremont Rider, a librarian at Wesleyan University in Connecticut, was stunned by what he considered to be the explosive growth of information being archived in university libraries around the country. By his estimate, the libraries were doubling in size every sixteen years. In 1961, Derek Price did a similar study on the... [more]

Making Big Data Work For You

The rise of big data has been heralded by many IT professionals as the beginning of a new era in business. Just a few short years ago, companies in highly diverse industries recognized the value of allowing their employees and clients to access their platforms from their own multiple devices, which have since exploded in... [more]

Powering the Internet of Things

At the turn of the century, a mere 25% of our collective stored information was digital. Today, digital files account for a whopping 98% of all stored information. Aureus Analytics, based out of Singapore and India, predicted last year that data would continue to grow by 40% per year, growing at least fifty times in... [more]

The 3 Biggest Burdens on Bandwidth

Businesses across many industries are citing higher bandwidth as one of their most pressing IT priorities. For many companies, a significant portion of daily operations – including financial transactions, communications, information distribution, collaborative work and data sharing – exists exclusively in the online realm. These businesses have undoubtedly experienced exciting opportunities for growth and expansion... [more]

White Paper: Networking in the Age of Big Data

Companies are experiencing exponential growth in the amount of data they create, share and receive in the course of doing business. This white paper takes a look back at how we arrived in the age of Big Data, investigates the most common reasons for data growth, and discusses how businesses can prepare themselves to support... [more]

Extending and Empowering Your Ethernet LAN

We all love Wifi – working and using the Internet untethered from a desk has done wonders for our creativity and productivity – but there are some areas where other networking options still reign supreme. For any business regularly dealing with a large data stream, a Wifi connection simply isn’t going to cut it. Most... [more]

How Network Flexibility Fosters Innovation

Working in today’s business world takes a lot of brainpower – it’s easier and easier to start a business, and to stay competitive companies need to get creative. Secondly, it takes a lot of bandwidth power – many businesses are now deploying cloud services, mobile applications and video streams that put a lot of pressure... [more]

Time is of the Essence

In the modern business world, expectations for expediency are high. Today’s customers are customized to being able to send and receive data at lightning speeds, and their impression of a business can be strongly influenced by their user experience of your platform, applications, and communications. Most of your customers will first interact with your company... [more]

How Networks Are Driving Business Growth

For a long time, IT professionals have bemoaned the thanklessness of their profession – they would be called on when there was a problem, and then forgotten until the next issue came up. The intricate networks they built and maintained were taken for granted, and only given special attention when there was something to complain... [more]

Ethernet: The New WAN

We’re all familiar with Ethernet and the way in which it revolutionized networking on the local scale. Even as WiFi grew in popularity and speed, Ethernet remained the more reliable, consistent and secure of the two options. The only drawback – and this was a big one – was the strict limitation it places on... [more]