Cloud Connect Services

Wilcon Cloud Connect Service Featuring AWS Direct Connect


The latest trend among growing institutions is to move some or all storage and computing functions to the cloud. Hybrid solutions that combine use of a cloud platform for storage and proprietary servers for active computing and core production functions is also very common.   Very often, though, the biggest challenge to utilizing a cloud based service is establishing the connection to it.  It’s like using a smartphone with a lot of applications but having trouble using them due to a weak signal from the carrier.  Just as the smartphone is only as good as the signal strength, cloud services can also be limited by the upstream connection.  Establishing a strong, fast and secure connection to the cloud is critical to its use.

The optimal connection method to one of the many cloud service providers is a direct fiber link.  Wilcon acts as a gateway to the cloud by providing a direct, secure path via end-to- end fiber networking, with bandwidth options ranging from 50 Mbps to 10 Gbps.  By leveraging direct fiber connectivity between a cloud service provider and your office, data center, or colocation environment, you can actually lower networking costs, increase throughput and performance, and provide a more consistent and secure networking experience for users.   Currently, AWS (Amazon Web Services) is one the primary direct connect partners featured by Wilcon.

As an AWS Direct Connect Partner, Wilcon makes it easy to establish a dedicated network connection from your location to the AWS network. Wilcon provides a cost effective alternative to accessing AWS over the Internet by allowing you to take advantage of the lower direct connect data rates offered by AWS as opposed to the higher Internet data transfer rates. Cloud Connect Service is a carrier-grade Layer-2 transport service where Ethernet packets are delivered over optical fiber making it possible to meet your AWS bandwidth demands. It provides a simple Ethernet WAN solution to effortlessly interconnect your office to AWS. No protocol conversion is required ensuring interoperability with AWS and your LAN.

Wilcon offers two Cloud Direct Connect options




  • Ethernet Transport E-LINE or E-LAN. Wilcon Cloud Connect Service is transported via an Ethernet E-LINE or E-LAN service directly to AWS.
  • Managed cross-connects
  • Scalable. Connect from 50Mb to 10Gb
  • Fiber Connectivity. Customer’s office to the AWS network
  • Performance consistency. Isolated from public Internet, lower latency, better throughput, more secure.
  • No colocation or network hardware required at AWS Direct Connect locations
  • Compatible with all AWS services


  • Fiber Route/Path Protection
  • Building Entrance Diversity
  • Client Handoff Protection via Link Aggregation (LAG)


  • Cloud Connect Service (Hosted)
    • Port FastE / Speed 50 and 100Mbps
    • Port GigE / Speed 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 Mbps
  • Cloud Connect Service (Dedicated
    • Port 10GigE / Speed 1Gbps and 10Gbps


  • Flat Rate Billing