Wilcon’s superior data center infrastructure and facility designs incorporate industry leading equipment and systems. Below is a general description of the common features found in Wilcon locations.   More detailed site specific information can be found on the locations tab.


All Wilcon facilities are equipped with high density, redundant AC and DC power. UPS (Uninterrupted Power System) units are used to filter all AC power and include both internal and external by-pass devices to allow for uninterrupted maintenance and repairs. Our UPS equipment is monitored 24/7 and maintained regularly by certified third party professionals including periodic load checks and annual infrared scans. AC power can be delivered in both 120v and 208v options. The primary power source for each Wilcon data center is also backed up by emergency generator systems that are tested regularly and maintain fuel supplies for a minimum of 24 hour support. Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) are employed in all locations to ensure smooth and timely transfer from normal utility to generator power when necessary.


Wilcon understands the importance of maintaining proper temperatures to allow your equipment to operate at the highest levels. Each facility is designed and equipped with the necessary cooling tonnage to maintain optimal temperatures based on the power loads allocated for each facility. We utilize leading manufacturer equipment including both Liebert Corporation and Stulz Air Technology Systems. In addition, Wilcon utilizes a hot/cold aisle containment system to maximize efficiency of its HVAC systems and provide the best possible operating environment for your network by preventing the backflow of hot air into cold aisles. All air conditioning equipment is monitored with automatic e-mail alerts for performance issues on a 24×7 basis and temperature sensors are deployed throughout the data centers to ensure that correct cooling levels are maintained at all times. Preventative maintenance on all HVAC systems is performed on a monthly basis by professional third party contractors.


Wilcon colocation customers have access to the most diverse and dense network in Los Angeles with connectivity to hundreds of carriers and network providers through Wilcon’s Interconnection services. With multiple, high capacity, redundant fiber-optic cable entrances into One Wilshire, connectivity to all major downtown telecom buildings/data centers, a significant presence in the OWB meet-me-room and an intra-building direct connect network to all major telecommunication carriers, Wilcon’s Fiber Hub of connectivity based in One Wilshire is second to none. Furthermore, access to Wilcon’s entire Southern California lit and dark fiber network can be obtained through any of Wilcon’s downtown LA data centers making the Wilcon Fiber Hub a truly comprehensive and far reaching network access point. The Wilcon Fiber Hub is a seamless network of fiber cables and state-of-the art fiber panels that facilitate fast, diverse and affordable connections within the Wilcon peering ecosystem. Wilcon data centers are interconnected with multiple fiber-optic cables and equipped with redundant network packet/circuit switching and routing platforms that allow for Ethernet, 1 gig, 10 gig and copper T1 and DS3 carrier connections.   As with all of our infrastructure equipment, the networking hardware is monitored and maintained 24×7 by the Wilcon NOC located inside One Wilshire.

Security and Fire Suppression

Wilcon facilities are secured through a multi-layered system of controls to ensure the data centers and your equipment are fully protected at all times.   The first measure is at the building level as all three Wilcon sites are staffed with 24×7 on-site security personnel under the watch of the respective building landlords. Access to each building is controlled at the lobby security desk and building access cards are required for elevator access per floor.   Each Wilcon colocation suite is separately secured with Wilcon issued access cards and card reader system that can store and report usage. All cabinets and cages are individually locked and all data centers feature 24×7 video surveillance cameras that are backed-up locally and remotely. The data centers are equipped with pre-action fire suppression systems that store water outside the suite and require dual zone activation to minimize accidental and unnecessary water flow.

Wilcon conducts an annual independent Type II SSAE No. 16 and HIPAA Audit of all of its data centers.  A certificate of completion or complete copy of this report can be made available to customers upon request.

Other Wilcon Data Center Amenities

  • Complimentary customer Wi-Fi services throughout the data centers
  • 24×7 customer lounge
  • Individual guest working stations
  • Crash carts available for use in all data centers
  • Shipping and receiving services
  • Rooftop/antenna space
  • IPKVM/Console via Wilcon Out of Band Management (OOB)

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