To deliver a truly differentiated cloud service to your customers, you seek optimum network performance. We provide an unmatched combination of fiber network, interconnection and data center and colocation capabilities serving the West Coast to deliver powerful support for cloud service providers.

Leveraging our unparalleled fiber assets across Southern California, gain access to the highest bandwidth flexibility, reliability, latency performance and security. Boost your cloud service profitability by controlling costs and increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty and revenues.

Interconnection to 300+ leading network providers through our presence at the One Wilshire Building enables you to reach critical partners to enhance your cloud offering. Whether you are focused on private, dedicated or managed services, Wilcon’s solutions provide the footprint, network density, colocations services, high performance and proximity to the customers and technology partners you need.


If you are looking for a faster, better way to deliver your digital content, Wilcon offers the data center infrastructure and fiber network solutions providing the right combination of speed, performance and cost-efficiency to drive profitability with prime Southern California colocations locations.

We provide large bandwidth capabilities across our vast Southern California network in combination with our interconnection and data center offerings to significantly enhance the performance of your content delivery network. Leverage our capabilities to support everything from software downloads to website content delivery, e-commerce portals and social networks.