Government, Healthcare & Education


Federal, state and local government organizations are leveraging best-in-class networks to support a wide range of functions. From connecting key facilities to protecting critical mission data, optimizing defense operations, improving transportation systems, accelerating emergency response capabilities and empowering research and education networks.

Wilcon works with government organizations to deliver high-performance networks with unmatched efficiencies and reliability. From dark fiber to private networks, data center, interconnection, Ethernet and Wavelength services we deploy the right technology to optimize your infrastructure and services.

Our experts have extensive experience working with government organizations across Southern California. The Wilcon network infrastructure throughout this region helps to support the needs of municipalities, state government and agencies to communicate effectively via our highly secure and reliable networks.


Faster and more reliable data transfer means better outcomes for patients. Harness the unlimited bandwidth capacity and unparalleled security of our fiber networks to create a high-performance healthcare environment.

Leverage our agile fiber-based infrastructure to help manage everything from telemedicine and medical imaging transfer to convergence, integration, compliance, storage and mobility functions across your organization.


Whether you are connecting school districts or supporting bandwidth-intensive applications at research centers, a highly scalable network infrastructure will enable you to achieve your goals.

Choose from our comprehensive portfolio of fiber solutions to deliver everything from distance learning to educational video conferencing, school campus security systems and cloud computing capabilities.