Service Provider


Whether you are a regional, national or global service provider, we have the fiber assets, interconnection infrastructure and extensive Southern California market knowledge to deliver your network solution seamlessly and efficiently.

To expand your reach, we work with you to provide the most agile, cost-effective and responsive solutions available today.  The results? Higher return on your investment, reduced capex and cost of deployment, last mile customer access and market-leading ultra-broadband connectivity between key network aggregation points.

Leverage our unequaled bandwidth capabilities to achieve highly cost-efficient solutions for your business.  Our network offers unparalleled access to the One Wilshire Building and over 40 other leading interconnection points in Southern California.

We operate from the heart of the West Coast’s top global communications hub. With robust network capabilities in downtown Los Angeles’ Internet and telecommunications corridor and the vast reach and abundant capacity of our Southern California network, we deliver ubiquitous coverage of major demand nodes, data centers and wireless switching centers.

Reach out to our trusted experts for the seamless growth of your network and the highest level of customer support and fast delivery intervals.